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Professional Sports 1978


Baseball 1978


new york yankees 1978World Series: Pretty much a rematch of the 1977 World Series, same teams, same players same outcome. New York Yankees win 4 games to 2 over the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Series MVP is Bucky Dent, New York



Football 1978


Pittsburgh Steelers 1978

1979 Super Bowl XIII
Date Played: January 21, 1979
Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Dallas Cowboys
Final Score: 35-31
Location: Miami, Florida
Game MVP: Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw
Half Time Show: Carnival Salute to Caribbean with Ken Hamilton. along with various Caribbean Bands
Commercials: 30 second commercial $185000

Super Bowl XIII


Bradshaw, Harris and Swann 1978
Franco Harris, Lynn Swann,Terry Bradshaw


Basketball 1978


Washington bullets 1978


NBA Finals: Washington Bullets win 4 games to 3 over the Seattle SuperSonics. The only championship the Bullets ever won. A season of infamous fights with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar breaking his hand punching Milwaukee Bucks Kent Benson and Lakers' Kermit Washington hitting Rudy Tomjanovich so hard in the face he inflicted massive injuries to Tomjanovich's jaw, eye and cheek. The 1978 season at NBA.COM


Rudy Tomjonavich gets punched


Horse Racing 1978


Affirmed and Alydar neck & neck at Belmont


Kentucky Derby - Affirmed, Alydar
Preakness Stakes - Affirmed, Alydar
Belmont Stakes - Affirmed, Alydar


The greatest Triple Crown rivalry of all time, Alydar takes second place to Affirmed in all three races that went down to the wire. Affirmed versus Alydar

orange line

Atheletes of the Year 1978


Ron Guidry 1978
ABC's Wide World of Sports Athlete of the Year:
Ron Guidry, Major League Baseball

Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year: Ron Guidry, Major League Baseball

Nancy Lopez 1978




Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year: Nancy Lopez, LPGA golf






NHL - Hockey 1978


Art Ross Memorial Trophy as the NHL's leading scorer during the regular season: Guy Lafleur, Montreal Canadiens

Hart Memorial Trophy for the NHL's Most Valuable Player: Guy Lafleur, Montreal Canadiens

Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens win 4 games to 2 over the Boston Bruins [not a mistake, same as 1977]


World Hockey Championship: Men's champion: Soviet Union defeated Czechoslovakia



Boxing 1978


Muhammad ali lost 1978


In a 15 round decision Muhammad Ali lost his heavyweight title to Leon Spinks on February 15th. Time magazine spoke too soon. On September 15th Muhammad Ali recovered the world Heavyweight title beating Leon Spinks in a 15 round decision. It was the first time anyone won the Heavyweight title for a third time. Muhammad Ali versus Leon Spinks.


muhammad ali won 1978


Golf 1978


Masters Tournament - Gary Player
U.S. Open - Andy North
British Open - Jack Nicklaus
PGA Championship - John Mahaffey
PGA Tour money leader - Tom Watson - $362,429

LPGA Championship - Nancy Lopez
U.S. Women's Open - Hollis Stacy
LPGA Tour money leader - Nancy Lopez - $189,814


College Sports 1978


College Football 1978


billy sims 1978




1978 Heisman: Billy Sims, Oklahoma






1978 ROSE BOWL #3 USC 17 #5 Michigan 10

1978 SUGAR BOWL #2 Alabama 14 #1 Penn State 7

1978 COTTON BOWL #10 Notre Dame 35 #9 Houston 34

1978 ORANGE BOWL #6 Arkansas Razorbacks 31 #2 Oklahoma Sooners 6


Gator Bowl #7 Clemson 17 #20 Ohio State 15

Fiesta Bowl #8 Arkansas 10 #15 UCLA 10



College Basketball 1978


NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship: Kentucky wins 94-88 over Duke

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