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The Automobiles of 1978


VW Rabbit and Wilt Chamberlain


The Volkswagen Rabbit ( the American name for the VW Golf) is the first foreign car to be manufactured in the US.


Car of the Year 1978


dodge omni 1978

1978 Chrysler, Dodge Omni / Plymouth Horizon


Motor Trend Car of the year, the Dodge Omni and the Plymouth Horizon saved Chrysler Corporation from bust to profitability. Made to compete with the VW Rabbit they helped establish the American sub compact front wheel drive vehicles with the models having a good run until 1990. Dodge Omni & Plymouth Horizon



orange line

Al Unser 1978


The Races of 1978


Al unser 1978 indy car


Indianapolis 500 - won by Al Unser Sr


USAC - A J Foyt wins final season championship under USAC.


Bobby Benson 1978


Daytona 500 Bobby Allison

NASCAR Cale Yarborough

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The idea behind this project is to present the Seventies in an interesting manner with as much audio and visual content as we could manage without slowing things down too much.


Unlike most Seventies websites that are a hodgepodge of decade wide information, we approached this project year by year. WIth each year of the Seventies including categories in history, television, movies, music, sports, books, comedy, technology and toys.

Beyond the nostalgia and retro feel for those who lived through the time, it is also designed to attract the younger crowd.


We have enjoyed some success in that endeavor as this webiste has become quite popular with teachers who use Seventies Pizzazz to get their Middle and High school students interested in our historic and cultural past by assigning projects and papers to this and our other PIZZAZZ websites.


These websites are safe for Middle school and above.

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