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The Nation 1976


Ford Reagan 1976U.S. President Gerald Ford defeats challenger Ronald Reagan in the primaries in and goes on to win the Republican Party presidential nomination at the convention in Kansas City. How Reagan lost Time Magazine


In the second televised debate with Jimmy Carter, President Gerald Ford makes the most famous error in Presidential debates by declaring that "there is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe", The 1976 Presidential Debates


carter mondale 1976

After being nominated for U.S. President at the Democratic National Convention in New York City with his Vice President choice Senator Walter Mondale of Minnesota, Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter wins the November 2nd election to become the first President from the South since 1865. BBC reports Carter wins!

son of sam 1976

New York City suffers a year in fear as someone calling himself the "Son of Sam" shoots couples in parked cars. A year and 6 victims later David Berkowitz is arrested. More on David Berkowitz.



electric chair 1976
Gregg v. Georgia:
The Supreme Court of the United States rules that the capital punishment is not inherently cruel or unusual overruling its 1972 decision that it violated the 8th Amendment as cruel and unusual punishment. In America cruel perhaps, but certianly not unusual. Gregg v, Georgia.


navy ladies 1976

The first class of 81 women is inducted at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

Woman First Class


Nobel prizes 1976

Physics - Burton Richter, Samuel Chao Chung Ting
Chemistry - William Nunn Lipscomb, Jr
Physiology or Medicine - Baruch S. Blumberg, D Carleton Gajdusek
Literature - Saul Bellow
Peace - Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan
Economics - Milton Friedman

orange line

time man of the year willy brandt

"Just a year ago, he was walking up to men and women who did not know he existed, shaking their hands and drawling, "I'm Jimmy Carter, and I'm going to be your next President." The notion seemed preposterous, and most political professionals were dead sure he did not have a chance—but none of the voters laughed in his face. He was such an engaging man—a trifle shy, for all his gall, and there was that sunburst of a smile that people would always remember. Right from the start, he was perceived as being a rather different kind of politician compared with the rest of the field—as different on philosophy and tactics, it was to turn out, as in personal style. He not only knew what he wanted; he also sensed, at least in the primary elections, what the American people wanted. The result was something of a political miracle." Time Magazine cover story on Jimmy Carter.

The World 1976

1976 Raid on Entebbe video

After 4 Palestinians hijacked an Air France plane to Entebbe Airport in Uganda, they separated 103 Jewish passengers and made their ransom demands on Israel. Israeli airborne commandos flew into the Uganda airport under cover of darkness and took their people back. One Israeli and several Ugandan soldiers lost their lives but all hostages were saved. More on the Entebbe at Jewish Virtual Library

mao zedong 1976

Mao Zedong
Chairman of the of the People's Republic of China since its inception in 1949 passes away. BBC Report on Mao


vietnam flag 1976

North Vietnam and South Vietnam join to become the the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. History of Vietnam



isabel peron 1975



A Military junta in Argentina deposes of President Isabel Peron. Isabel human rights court in Spain 2007





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