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the Vinnie Barbarino song

welcome back kotter 1975Welcome Back, Kotter (1975-1979) Stand up comedian Gabe Kaplan created and starred in this classroom farce from characters in his own life going to school in Brooklyn. He plays remedial teacher Gabe Kaplan who must keep his room of Sweathogs out of trouble. Ron Palilo played class clown Arnold Horshach, Robert Hegyes the hard Puerto Rican Epstein, with John Travolta stealing the show as the Italian pretty boy Vinnie Barbarino who immortalized the line "Up your nose with a rubber hose!" Also staring Marcia Strassman, John Sylvester White and Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs. Welcome back page
speaker 1970

the jeffersons 1975The Jeffersons (1975-1985) A week after a a tearful Edith Bunker said goodbye to her neighbor friend Louise Jefferson one of the most popular sitcom spinoffs aired the following week, Starring Isabel Sanford and Sherman Hemsley it went on to become the longest running television show with a black cast. The Wiki

speaker 1970

barney miller 1975Barney Miller (1975-1982) A police sitcom starring Hal Linden as Captain Miller who played the straight man keeping his weird group of New York Cops in line. Remembered mostly for the dead pan acting of Abe Vigoda and hothead dummy Wojciehowicz played by Max Gail. The squad was culturally diverse with Japanese actor Jack Soo and African American Ron Glass. A Barney Miller Blog

speaker 1970


One Day at a Time intro theme song

one day at a time 1975One Day at a Time (1975-1984) This Norman Lear sitcom did as well as All in the Family and the Jeffersons. It starred Bonnie Franklin as the single mother to a good daughter played by Valerie Bertinelli and a bad daughter played by Mackenzie Phillips. The show tackled women's issues of the day with comic relief provided by macho apartment super Pat Harrington Jr. One Day at a Time at museum tv

baretta 1975 cockatooBaretta (1975-1978) The show as a calmer extension of the 1974 success called Toma which got nixed for excessive realism. Robert Blake plays New Jersey undercover cop Tony Baretta, Fred his talking Cockatoo and a closet full of disguises. The Baretta Gallery

Phyllis (1975-1977)

Space: 1999 (1975-1977)

Most Watched 1975 - 1976


1 All in the Family
2 Rich Man Poor Man
3 Laverne and Shirley
4 Maude
5 The Bionic Woman
6 Phyllis
7 Sanford and Son
8 Rhoda
9 The Six-Million-Dollar Man
10 The ABC Monday Night Movie
11 Happy Days
12 One Day at a Time
13 The ABC Sunday Night Movie
14 The Waltons
15 M*A*S*H
16 Starsky and Hutch
17 Good Heavens
18 Welcome Back Kotter
19 The Mary Tyler Moore Show
20 Kojak


Series End 1975


Ironside (1967-1975)
The Odd Couple (1970-1975)
Gunsmoke (1955-1975)
Mannix (1967-1975)
How to Survive a Marriage (1974-1975)
Kung Fu (1972-1975)

orange line

Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!


George Carlin                      Emily Letilla


snl 1975  Chase & Pryor N word

Saturday Night Live
debuts with host George Carlin. The season begins with the The Not Ready For Prime Time Players which included Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, Garrett Morris, Laraine Newman, Gilda Radner, George Coe, Michael O'Donoghue and created and often produced by Lorene Michaels. The show began as a filler for NBC's Saturday night repeats of the best of Johnny Carson. Saturday Night Live archives


Andy Kaufman


wheel of fortune 1975
Wheel of Fortune
premieres as a one hour morning show produced by Merv Griffin and starring Chuck Woolery. In 1982 the successful game show went into an early evening 30 minute slot starring Pat Sajek and Vanna White. Wheel of Fortune story



fred silverman 1975

Fred Silverman
took over ABC Entertainment. His Jiggle Television put ABC at the top of the ratings game. The Man with the Golden Gut








faulty towers 1975Fawlty Towers
was an unusual sitcom in that there were only 12 episodes, a series of six in 1975 and another six in 1979, It was written,directed and starred John Cleese and Connie Booth from Monty Python fame. Also starring Prunella Scales as Basil Faulty's wife and Andrew Sachs as Manuel the Spanish speaking waiter. It was hugely popular in Great Britain and the series can still be seen on American PBS. Fawlty Towers website



The Emmy's for 1975 - 1976


Outstanding Drama Series - Police Story


Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series - Peter Falk, NBC Sunday Mystery Movie - Columbo


Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series - Michael Learned, The Waltons


Outstanding Continuing Performance By a Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - Anthony Zerbe, Harry O


Outstanding Continuing Performance By a Supporting Actress in a Drama Series - Ellen Corby, The Waltons


Outstanding Comedy Series - The Mary Tyler Moore Show


Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series - Jack Albertson, Chico and the Man


Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series - Mary Tyler Moore, The Mary Tyler Moore Show


Outstanding Continuing Performance By a Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series - Ted Knight, The Mary Tyler Moore Show


Outstanding Continuing Performance By a Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series - Betty White, The Mary Tyler Moore Show


Outstanding Comedy-Variety or Music Series - NBC's Saturday Night

TV Guide Schedule 1975


good morning america 1975

Good Morning America David Hartman and
Nancy Dussault (1975-present)

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