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1974 Technology & Gadgets


Without official dates 1974 is the year pocket calculators, office word processors and the first UPC bar code scanners appear in stores.


lucy 1974

Donald Johanson
and Tom Gray discover a skeleton from the hominid species Australopithecus afarensis in the Awash Valley of Ethiopia. The Beatles song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds playing at the find camp gave the three and a half foot tall 3. 2 million year old female hominid its name, Lucy. Lucy at National Geographic


arecibo 1974


The Arecibo radio telescope built in 1963 sent an interstellar radio message into deep space. The M13 Great Globular Cluster will receive the message in about 25,000 years.


The message was in binary code containing 1679 digits in a 23 by 73 rectangle expressing numbers 1 through 10, atomic numbers of our most prevalent elements, DNA information, sugar formula, a graphic of a human, our solar system and the arecibo telescope. Below is the colorized version of the actual message. Full explanation of the code


arecibo message to space 1974

orange line

1974 Toys & Gadgets

magna doodle 1974


Magna Doodle. Invented by Japanese engineers to create a chalk less chalkboard, this magnetic drawing toy, much like an Etch A Sketch with a pen, did not become a classroom success but has sold over 40 million units as the most popular drawing toy of all time.


On No! Its Space Eyes!

space eyes 1974



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The idea behind this project is to present the Seventies in an interesting manner with as much audio and visual content as we could manage without slowing things down too much.


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Beyond the nostalgia and retro feel for those who lived through the time, it is also designed to attract the younger crowd.


We have enjoyed some success in that endeavor as this webiste has become quite popular with teachers who use Seventies Pizzazz to get their Middle and High school students interested in our historic and cultural past by assigning projects and papers to this and our other PIZZAZZ websites.


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