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1973 Technology & Gadgets


Kohoutek 1973Comet Kohoutek is discovered. Named the Comet of the Century it failed to be as visible with the naked eye as expected and was much of a dissapointment. The Comet Kohoutek


first cell phone 1973Inspired by Captain Kirk of Star Trek, Martin Cooper patented the Radio telephone system. He made the first cellular call on April 3, 1973, in front of reporters and passers-by on a New York City street. It was a shift in marketing from making phone calls to a person rather than a place. The First Cell Phone


sears tower 1973

The Sears Tower in Chicago is completed. With 110 stories and a height of 1450 feet it was the tallest building in the world for 25 years. The Sears tower.




Skylab 1973The United States launched the first space station. Skylab I was damaged on take off and was not manned, a few months later Skylab 2 was launched and the crew of Charles C. Conrad Jr., Paul J. Weitz and Joseph P. Kerwin stayed in space for 28 days. The Skylab Storys launched.








orange line

1973 Toys & Gadgets


Unable to find any new toys or games for 1973, in our seach we happened upon the video below. We share it believing that we found what may very well be worst video in the world. We give you the Bandai Tyrant 1973 Toy Review!



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