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1972 Technology & Gadgets


earthrise 1972

The most famous photograph of all time, Earth Rise was taken by the Apollo 17 crew on their way to the last manned flight to the Moon.


Apollo 16 with astronauts John Young, Ken Mattingly and Charlie Duke is followed by Mankind's last men on walk on the Moon, Apollo 17 which launched December 11th 1972. The Extra-vehicular activity (EVA) was center of both missions. The Moon Rover reached a top speed of 18km/h. After astronauts Ronald Evans, Harrison Schmitt boarded for return to earth, Gene Cernan stepped up the ladder to become the last man to walk on the Moon. Apollo 17 Earthrise and mission


hp 35 1972



The HP - 35, Hewlett Packard markets the first hand-held scientific priced at $395.calculator (HP-35) is introduced (price $395). History of the HP 35








orange line

1972 Toys & Gadgets


atari pong 1972


Al Alcorn sells his idea to Atari and the first arcade video game, Pong. A simple black and white game of paddle tennis helps change the world. More that you will ever need to know about Pong





big jim 1972


Big Jim is the action toy of the year and was successful until 1986. The figures had a button on back that did various movements of the right arm depending upon which hero it was. The Big Jim Website


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