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Professional Sports 1971


Baseball 1971


pittsburg pirates 1971


1971 World Series: Pittsburgh Pirates won 4 games to 3 over the Baltimore Orioles. Game four was the first night game in World Series history. Roberto Clemente MPV. The 1971 World Series



Football 1971



Super Bowl VI

roger staubach 1971

Date: January 16, 1972
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Teams:Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins
Final Score:
Cowboys 24 Dolphins 3
MPV:Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach
Halftime Show:Ella Fitzgerald, Carol Channing, Al Hirt and U.S. Marine Corps Drill Team
Cost 30 Second Ad: $86,000

Superbowl 6 history


The Miami Dolphins defeat the Kansas City Chiefs in a divisional playoff game. The double-overtime contest is the longest game in NFL history, and the Chiefs' last-ever home game at Municipal Stadium.



Basketball 1971


NBA Finals: Milwaukee Bucks win 4 games to 0 over the Baltimore Bullets




Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 1971

The Milwaukee Bucks had the man who ruled the NBA in his first year on the court. 7 foot Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who was MVP of the year and the highest scorer at 31.7 ppg. He and basketball greats Lucius Allen and Oscar Robertson took Milwaukee to win the championship in 1971. Kareem Rules the League

orange line

Athletes of the Year 1971


lee trevino 1972


ABC's Wide World of Sports Athlete of the Year: Lee Trevino, Golf


Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year: Lee Trevino, PGA golf



evonne Goolagong 1972



Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year: Evonne Goolagong, Tennis




NHL - Hockey 1971


Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens win 4 games to 3 over the Chicago Black Hawks. Season Review 1970-1971



Art Ross Memorial Trophy: Phil Esposito, Boston Bruins

Hart Memorial Trophy: Bobby Orr, Boston Bruins



Boxing 1971



Joe Frazier defeats Muhammad Ali in the fifteenth round in a star-studded battle in New York's Madison Square Garden. It is said to be greatest heavy weight fight of all time and the first of the three epic bouts. Ali Frazier 1971 at ESPN


frazier ali 1971



College Sports 1971


College Football 1971


Heisman Trophy: Pat Sullivan, Auburn QB


1971 ORANGE BOWL #1 Nebraska Cornhuskers 38 #2 Alabama Crimson Tide 6

1971 COTTON BOWL #10 Penn State Nittany Lions 30 #12 Texas Longhorns 6

1971 SUGAR BOWL #4 Oklahoma Sooners 40 #5 Auburn Tigers 22

1971 ROSE BOWL #16 Stanford Indians 13 #3 Michigan Wolverines 12


College Basketball 1971


1971 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship: UCLA wins 68-62 over Villanova


Golf 1971


PGA Championship - Jack Nicklaus
Masters Tournament - Charles Coody
U.S. Open - Lee Trevino
British Open - Lee Trevino
PGA Tour money leader - Jack Nicklaus - $244,491

Women's professional

LPGA Championship - Kathy Whitworth
U.S. Women's Open - JoAnne Carner
LPGA Tour money leader - Kathy Whitworth - $41,181


Horse Racing 1971


1971 Kentucky Derby - Canonero II
1971 Preakness Stakes - Canonero II
1971 Belmont Stakes - Pass catcher

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