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Professional Sports 1970


1970 Baseball


baltimore orioles 1970
1970World Series: The American League's
Baltimore Orioles win their second World Title by defeating the National League's Cincinnati Reds, 4 games to 1. The 1970 World Series

1970 Football

The NFL and the AFL merge to form the most popular professional sports leagues in history, the new NFL



Super Bowl V

johnny unitas 1970 super bowl

Johnny Unitas

Date: January 17, 1971
Location: Miami, Florida
Teams: Baltimore Colts vs. Dallas Cowboys
Final Score: Colts 16 Cowboys 13
MPV: Dallas linebacker Chuck Howley
Halftime Show: Florida A&M Band
Cost 30 Second Ad: $72,000


The Baltimore Colts defeat the Dallas Cowboys 16-13 at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida. The game is often referred to as the Blunder Bowl with 11 turnovers and Dallas setting a record with 10 penalties. It was the first Super bowl played under the new combined NFL franchise, the first played on artificial turf and the first where a member of the losing team, Chuck Howley, was voted MPV. Quarterback Johnny Unitas was literally knocked out of the game in the second quarter. The game was finally won with a field goal by Colts kicker Jim O'Brien in the last 5 seconds. Superbowl History


The last football game ever played at Municipal Stadium in Kansas City was a Christmas day playoff game where the Miami Dolphins defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in a double overtime in the longest football game in NFL history.

no toes tom demsey 1970Tom Dempsey Kicked a 63 yard field goal for the New Orleans Saints in the last 3 seconds of a game to win over the Detroit Lions on November 8. It is still the NFL record for distance. More on Toeless Kicker Tom Dempsey at Wikipedia


1970 Basketball


new york nicks 1970
NBA Championship:
New York Knicks beat Los Angeles Lakers, 4 games to 3. Willis Reed the MPV and soul of the team. NBA RECAP



willis reed 1971

Willis Reed vs Wilt the Stilt

NBA expands to 18 teams with four new franchise

buffalo braves nba 1970

Buffalo Braves

cleveland cavaliers 1970

Cleveland Cavaliers

houston rockets 1970

Houston Rockets

portland trailblazers 1970

Portland Trail Blazers


1970 Horse Racing


1970 Kentucky Derby - Dust Commander
1970 Preakness Stakes - Personality
1970 Belmont Stakes - High Echelon

Diane Crump is the first woman jockey to compete at the Kentucky Derby

orange line

Atheletes of the Year 1970


george blanda 1972



Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year: George Blanda, National Football League




chi cheng 1972


Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year:
Chi Cheng, Track and field




willis reed 1972


ABC's Wide World of Sports Athlete of the Year:
Willis Reed, N BA basketball





Monday Night Football

monday night football 1970

NFL Monday Night Football
premieres on ABC on September 21 with the Cleveland Browns beating the New York Jets 31 to 21. The first year featured Frank Gifford, Howard Cosell and Dandy Don Meredith. The show was the second longest (after CBS 60 Minutes) running on American television (1970-2005) All the Monday Night Football Games

1970 The World Cup


beats Italy, 4-1 to win soccer's World Cup, in Mexico City


1970 Boxing


smoking joe faizier 1970



With Muhammad Ali still unable to compete, Smoking Joe Frazier holds the heavyweight world boxing championship by knocking out Jimmy Ellis in five rounds.

With a change of politics concering the Vietnam War, Muhammad Ali had his boxing license reinstated after more than three years for his conviction of draft dodging. His first fight he TKO's Jerry Quarry in Atlanta but it took him 15 rounds to knock out Oscar Bonavena in New York a few months later. Muhammad Ali 1971 at ESPN



1970 Golf


Masters Tournament - Billy Casper
U.S. Open - Tony Jacklin
British Open - Jack Nicklaus
PGA Championship - Dave Stockton
PGA Tour money leader - Lee Trevino - $157,037


LPGA Championship - Shirley Englehorn
U.S. Women's Open - Donna Caponi
LPGA Tour money leader - Kathy Whitworth - $30,235



1970 NHL - Hockey

boston bruins 1970
Stanley Cup:
Boston Bruins win the Cup for the first time in 29 years defeating the St. Louis Blues 4 games to 0.




Art Ross Memorial Trophy - Bobby Orr becomes the first defenseman in the history of the National Hockey League to lead the league in scoring.


Conn Smythe Trophy - To defenseman, Bobby Orr as the as the series MVP.

Hart Memorial Trophy - The NHL's Most Valuable Player is Bobby Orr of the Boston Bruins

bobby orr 1970 goal

Bobby Orr flies off after the game winning goal!

1970 also witnessed the Stanley Cup, the Conn Smythe Trophy and the Bill Masterson trophy stolen from the NHL hall of fame.


College Sports 1970


1970 College Football


1970 Heisman Trophy - Jim Plunkett, Stanford QB


1970 NCAA Football: Arkansas State University Indians (10-0-0) #1


1970 COTTON BOWL - #6 Notre Dame 24 over #1 Texas Longhorns 11

1970 ORANGE BOWL - #3 Nebraska Cornhuskers 17 over #8 LSU Tigers 12

1970 SUGAR BOWL - #4 Tennessee Volunteers 28 over #11 Air Force Falcons 13

1970 ROSE BOWL - #12 Stanford Indians 27 over #2 Ohio State Buckeyes 17



1970 College Basketball

1970 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: UCLA beats Jacksonville 80-69


pete marovich 1970

LSU's "Pistol" Pete Maravich scores 69 points and loses game. In his subsequent decade of professional basketball he never managed to get on a championship team. Pete Maravich BIO

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