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1970 Technology & Gadgets


apollo 13 crew 1970


On April 13th, two days after the NASA launcher of Apollo 13, the words from space became part of American History


Houston, we have a problem
speaker 1970



An oxygen leak and fire disabled the spacecraft, and the astronauts barely and bravely make it home. It was the televised cliff hanger of all time. The Apollo 13 crew members were James A. Lovell (Commander), John L. Swigert (Command Module Pilot), Fred W. Haise (Lunar Module Pilot).

Apollo 13 Story


747  1968


Though it came of the assembly line in 1968, the first Jumbo Jet, the Boeing 747, was put into commercial service. shown here with a 737 parked beneath it. 747 Specs



ibm floppy 1970

International Business Machines (IBM)
invents the EIGHT-INCH FLOPPY DISKETTE, with a drive of course! It was first used in 1971 on the IBM System/370 Model 145. It held 80KB of information.

orange line

1970 Toys & Gadgets



Though McDonald's Big Mac debuted in 1968, advertisements were not aired until the 1969-1970 television season.


stylophone 1970Rolf Harris brings the Stylophone to Market. It is an 8 bit musical keyboard/toy with an annoying pitch. It became a cult classic being used by bands as diverse as David Bowie and Blur. the Stylophone


Sindy doll 1970


Sindy! From across the Atlantic, Britain's answer to Barbie makes Toy of the Year for 1970. Sindy has a mini-skirt and joints that allow her to walk through the fashions of 1970




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